Dromiciops Research Group

The Dromiciops Research Group is a group studying the biology of a relict mammal, Dromiciops gliroides using landscape genomics, physiology and isotopic ecology

Research Group


Nespolo is an ecophysiologist specializing in studies of adaptation to extreme environments in various organisms including mammals, insects, terrestrial mollusks, yeasts and recently, hibernating marsupials. He is a full professor at Universidad Austral de Chile. His research has since been continuously funded by competitive funds (Fondecyt regular, FIC-Regional, Rings, ECOS -Conicyt), and currently has a Fondecyt that ends in 2021 that addresses the adaptation to the environment and evolutionary biology of the endemic marsupial Dromiciops gliroides (mountain monkey).

He also participates as an associate researcher at the BASAL-Conicyt CAPES center (PUC) and the Instituto Milenio iBio (PUC), and is co-investigator in another 4 regular Fondecyt that address various problems of adaptation and acclimatization of microorganisms, plants and animals to changing environments. He directs the experimental evolution laboratory of the Institute of Environmental and Evolutionary Sciences (UACh). Currently he is working on molecular and physiological aspects of adaptation to climate change using the hibernating marsupial Dromiciops gliroides (“monito del monte”) as a biological model (Fondecyt), in addition to having an applied line of native yeast genetics with potential for craft brewery ( FIC).

  • Ecophysiologist
  • Marsupials
  • Ecology
  • Evolution
  • PhD in Biological Sciences, Ecology, 2002

    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

  • Biologist, 1996

    Universidad de Chile, Chile


Principal Investigator

Current Students

  • Felipe Martín Ortiz Orellana (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • María Isidora Camus Rojas (Bs. Biology, UCHILE)
  • Gabriela Narvaez (PhD in Ecology and Evolution, UACH)

Past Students

Undergraduate students

  • 2010: Pablo Cortés (Bs. Biology, UACH)
  • 2012: Andrea Bruning (Bs. Biology, UACH)
  • 2012: Carolina Contreras (Bs. Biology, UACH)
  • 2017: Julio Figueroa (Bs. Biology, UACH)
  • 2019: Pablo Quintrel (Ing. Biotechnology, USACH)
  • 2020: Sebastian Flores (Ing. Biotechnology, USACH)
  • 2020: Rodrigo Contreras (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • 2021: Paulina Gutiérrez (Natural Resources Conservation Engineer, UACH)
  • 2021: Macarena Alvarado (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • 2021: Claudia Pereira (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • 2022: Isabella Peña Rocco (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • 2022: Maite Villalobos Avedaño (Veterinarian, UACH)
  • 2023: Tamara Estay (Bs. Biology, UPC)



Post-doc advisoring

  • 2012: Paulina Artacho (funded by FONDECYT)
  • 2012: Marcela Franco (funded by FONDECYT)
  • 2011: Luis Castañeda (funded by FONDECYT)